Predicting Events by the Full Moon

Predicting Events by the Full Moon

full moon waterThe full moons are very powerful times, after all the moon moves the oceans and tides. Emotions are heightened during these days and the word lunatic has its roots from being affected by the full moon.

The deepest connection for transformation you can make with the full moon energy is with your rituals and manifestation meditations. However the full moon many times is a day when an event occurs in your life. Therefore you can make predictions with the full moon in connection with your astrology chart.

How to know what will happen in your life through predicting with the full moon cycles.

Every full moon carries a message throughout the year. There are 12 signs each with different meanings. Those messages are true for all in a generic sense. However there are deeper more personal meanings to be uncovered when applying it to your personal astrology chart.

dreamstimelarge_28210961How to predict events by the full moon.

First step is to know where each planet is in your chart, you can get a free astrology chart from several sources across the web. (Chart here) It is essential that you know your time of birth, do not guess. Make the effort to find your original birth certificate with the time.

The time of birth, with place and date will give you your rising sign, or ascendant, along with the signs and degrees of the planets.

Make a note of each planet, what sign it is in, and the degree it is at.

With an ephemeris look up the degrees of the upcoming full moons and which signs that are in.

Compare the numbers between the full moons and the planets in your chart. For example, if the full moon will be at 3 degrees of Scorpio, look to see if you have any planet at three degrees in your chart.

When you have a planet in your chart at the same degree as the full moon, the full moon then activates the planet in your chart.

You can then have an idea of what to expect during the week of the full moon. Each planet has a different role in life so it is essential to understand the meanings of each planet.

Here is a short guide to know what to expect when the full moon connects, by the exact same degree, to different planets in your chart.

Sun: Your job, news can come up around your work, you can hear about a new position, or much activity, even drama at work.

Moon: Family, feeling the need to be safe is strong. An event can occur that has you rethinking your home and family situation.

Mercury: News from friends or family members. Re-connections.

Venus: Relationships, good time to meet someone new or develop the relationship you have.

Mars: Frustrations come to the surface to be released. Anger at self or others is possible

Jupiter: Happy times, desire to have more in life.

Saturn: Issues of … continue

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Full Moons By Signs

The full moons are always opposite the sun, hence the reason why the full moons of a sign can be in a different month depending upon the year.

Aries Full Moon  (September or October)

The full moon of Aries is the time to feel the power of the wild strong courageous person within. This month brings the opportunity to discover the inner warrior goddess within. During the full moon of Aries meditate on strength. This is a time to take action, start something new. Your full moon ritual for Aries can include asking for courage to overcome fear which enables you to make changes with confidence.

Taurus Full Moon (October or November)

The Taurus Full moon is the month to embody sensuality and appreciation in all its forms. The full moon ritual for abundance is especially powerful and magical now. Get in touch with how the objects in your life make you feel. Look at your surroundings, if something in your space brings up negativity remove it. You will expand your prosperity by having only that around you that you love and appreciate. This is an extremely sexy full moon, hormones ride high and a night to merge together in lust and pleasure.

Gemini Full Moon (November or December)

The month when the moon is full in Gemini, this is a time to learn and explore. Discover new places to go. Gather together friends that spark your mind with new thoughts and ideas. Consider possibilities. The full moon ritual for Gemini includes asking for guidance in decision making and clearing the mind that has too many objections to a choice that appeals to your higher side.

Cancer Full Moon (December or January)

The Cancer Full moon brings up deep feelings and memories. People that you knew in your younger days can come back into your life. It is a time of being cozy, protected, and nurtured. The goddess energy is strong during this time. The archetype of the mother surrounds the earth during the full moon phase. A time of caring, compassion, wisdom and understand. The full moon ritual will help you release fear of lack, of being abandoned, and draw into your life stability and belief that no matter what, you will be provided for and taken care of.

Leo Full Moon        (January or February)

The Leo Full moon is the month to play, have fun, and connect with friends. It is a time of opening the heart. It is the full moon to draw into your life love and self acceptance. Let go of the need to be approved of and other actions that you felt you had to perform to be loved, appreciated, and wanted. The full moon ritual for attracting a partner and love works especially well during this full moon.

Virgo Full Moon    (February or March)

The full moon in Virgo offers the gifts of finding work that is meaningful and that you are good at. It is a time to organize your life and … continue

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Full Moon Rituals

sunset panorama

Full Moon Rituals

The full moon is a time to connect with your higher side, your guides, and angels. Understand astrology and the phases of the moon to create the life you want. Every month there is a full moon available to work with the magical cycles.

There are powerful full moon rituals you can use to help you make significant and major changes in your life.

The desire for change must come from an authentic and honest place in your heart.

It is important that during the two weeks leading up to the full moon you meditated on your issue to find any part of yourself that may have been blocking you.

This is important as when you arrive at the night of the full moon, in the ritual you can release what was holding you back as you draw in that which you want to create.


Easy and powerful Full moon ritual for attracting love.

1) Just before sunset find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Even if you are in a busy park, create the quiet space around you- imagine a bubble of protection that surrounds you so you can carry out the ritual centered and focused.

2.) Position yourself so you are sitting or standing facing the moon. Do not be concerned if it is cloudy and you cannot physically see the moon. Face her and imagine the moon beams shining and connecting with you.

3.) Take several deep breaths and each time feel the incoming breath energized by the beams of the full moon. Each breath go deeper. Feel the breath fill your lungs and diaphragm, as you feel your body inhaling notice how the breath going in is pinging your heart chakra.

4) As you exhale notice that the breath being release carries with it the pain from past heart breaks, betrayals and disappointments. Breathe in the healing love of the full moon.

5) Continue to connect with the moon beams of love filling your body and heart chakra with love as you exhale pain, anger and negativity out of your system.

6) As you come to a close in your meditation turn your closed eyes up to your third eye as you gently tap your third eye point with your middle finger.

7) Imagine the spot where your third eye resides opening and a powerful moon beam drilling into your forehead with sparkles of insight

8) Close your meditation with the inner knowing that you are attracting love and a mate who resonates with your soul and soul’s intention.

9) Open your eyes, and repeat 3 times, this is all I need to attract the love that I want.

open to love give


Full Moon ritual for creating abundance

Many times beliefs and conditioning from society and early childhood inhibit the flow of an abundant life. Sometimes even when a person creates a high income, they still may find that there is a lack, that the money flow out and never stays … continue

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