Full Moon Rituals

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Full Moon Rituals

The full moon is a time to connect with your higher side, your guides, and angels. Understand astrology and the phases of the moon to create the life you want. Every month there is a full moon available to work with the magical cycles.

There are powerful full moon rituals you can use to help you make significant and major changes in your life.

The desire for change must come from an authentic and honest place in your heart.

It is important that during the two weeks leading up to the full moon you meditated on your issue to find any part of yourself that may have been blocking you.

This is important as when you arrive at the night of the full moon, in the ritual you can release what was holding you back as you draw in that which you want to create.


Easy and powerful Full moon ritual for attracting love.

1) Just before sunset find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Even if you are in a busy park, create the quiet space around you- imagine a bubble of protection that surrounds you so you can carry out the ritual centered and focused.

2.) Position yourself so you are sitting or standing facing the moon. Do not be concerned if it is cloudy and you cannot physically see the moon. Face her and imagine the moon beams shining and connecting with you.

3.) Take several deep breaths and each time feel the incoming breath energized by the beams of the full moon. Each breath go deeper. Feel the breath fill your lungs and diaphragm, as you feel your body inhaling notice how the breath going in is pinging your heart chakra.

4) As you exhale notice that the breath being release carries with it the pain from past heart breaks, betrayals and disappointments. Breathe in the healing love of the full moon.

5) Continue to connect with the moon beams of love filling your body and heart chakra with love as you exhale pain, anger and negativity out of your system.

6) As you come to a close in your meditation turn your closed eyes up to your third eye as you gently tap your third eye point with your middle finger.

7) Imagine the spot where your third eye resides opening and a powerful moon beam drilling into your forehead with sparkles of insight

8) Close your meditation with the inner knowing that you are attracting love and a mate who resonates with your soul and soul’s intention.

9) Open your eyes, and repeat 3 times, this is all I need to attract the love that I want.

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Full Moon ritual for creating abundance

Many times beliefs and conditioning from society and early childhood inhibit the flow of an abundant life. Sometimes even when a person creates a high income, they still may find that there is a lack, that the money flow out and never stays around. This full moon ritual works whether you have problems creating a strong income, or if you are not able to hang onto money even though you make plenty.

In the two weeks leading up to the full moon it is important to evaluate the roots of conditioning that have blocked true prosperity and wealth in your life.

Many times it comes from a hidden sense of unworthiness, or is fear based. It is vital to acknowledge what the root cause of lack is so you can release it during the ritual.

Follow the instructions for the full moon ritual for love up to step two.

Step 3) Take several deep breaths and each time feel the incoming breath energized by the beams of the moon. Each breath go deeper. Feel the breath fill your lungs and diaphragm, imagine the breath reaching all the way down to your root Chakra.

Step 4) As you pull the breath infused with the strength and power of the moon down to your root chakra, hold it for as long as it is comfortable while you imagine the beam of light grabbing dark negative matter of past fear and conditioning.

Step 5) As you release your breath feel the air escape and with it hold and pulling up and out all that has created walls in your financial wellbeing. Do the same process and stop at the second chakra to clear out negativity hanging there. Once again breathe deep and feel the power of the energy of the moon heal and clear your third chakra.

Step 6) As you come to a close in your meditation close your eyes as you imagine the tingling caress of the moons beams vibrating your body. Find the point on your chest that is halfway between your collar bone and your left nipple. (it will feel a little tender) Gently massage and tap that spot.

Step 7)  Release your arms to your side as you put together your index finger with your thumb and form a circle.

Step 8) Hold your palms up facing the sky and imagine the moon beams pinging the center of your palms while bring on the beams of light a dna of sorts that holds wealth and abundance.

Step 9) As you release a final deep breath, open your eyes and repeat, this is all I need for wealth and abundance to feel my life. I now accept divine gifts of prosperity.