Full Moons By Signs

The full moons are always opposite the sun, hence the reason why the full moons of a sign can be in a different month depending upon the year.

Aries Full Moon  (September or October)

The full moon of Aries is the time to feel the power of the wild strong courageous person within. This month brings the opportunity to discover the inner warrior goddess within. During the full moon of Aries meditate on strength. This is a time to take action, start something new. Your full moon ritual for Aries can include asking for courage to overcome fear which enables you to make changes with confidence.

Taurus Full Moon (October or November)

The Taurus Full moon is the month to embody sensuality and appreciation in all its forms. The full moon ritual for abundance is especially powerful and magical now. Get in touch with how the objects in your life make you feel. Look at your surroundings, if something in your space brings up negativity remove it. You will expand your prosperity by having only that around you that you love and appreciate. This is an extremely sexy full moon, hormones ride high and a night to merge together in lust and pleasure.

Gemini Full Moon (November or December)

The month when the moon is full in Gemini, this is a time to learn and explore. Discover new places to go. Gather together friends that spark your mind with new thoughts and ideas. Consider possibilities. The full moon ritual for Gemini includes asking for guidance in decision making and clearing the mind that has too many objections to a choice that appeals to your higher side.

Cancer Full Moon (December or January)

The Cancer Full moon brings up deep feelings and memories. People that you knew in your younger days can come back into your life. It is a time of being cozy, protected, and nurtured. The goddess energy is strong during this time. The archetype of the mother surrounds the earth during the full moon phase. A time of caring, compassion, wisdom and understand. The full moon ritual will help you release fear of lack, of being abandoned, and draw into your life stability and belief that no matter what, you will be provided for and taken care of.

Leo Full Moon        (January or February)

The Leo Full moon is the month to play, have fun, and connect with friends. It is a time of opening the heart. It is the full moon to draw into your life love and self acceptance. Let go of the need to be approved of and other actions that you felt you had to perform to be loved, appreciated, and wanted. The full moon ritual for attracting a partner and love works especially well during this full moon.

Virgo Full Moon    (February or March)

The full moon in Virgo offers the gifts of finding work that is meaningful and that you are good at. It is a time to organize your life and discover where you would like to achieve and improve in your world. It is a time to help, to be of service however by your choice. Healing is called upon during this months full moon. Ritual for healing, self or others is very powerful.


Libra Full Moon     (March or April)

Finding balance in your world between doing what others want and doing what you want is apparent in this full moon. Letting go of the need to be liked is essential to peace and harmony at this time as connecting with your authentic self is critical for true inner peace. The full moon ritual for Libra will channel information for what is needed for a balanced life with the world, and your personal relationships. Peace and harmony are the gifts that are brought with the Libra full moon.

Scorpio Full Moon   (April or May)

The Scorpio full moon is the sexiest full moon month of the year. Examine your relationship with your lover, and determine if you have the depth and intimacy that your soul desires. This is the full moon month to release jealousy and control. Letting go of the fear of betrayal is important at this time. Renegotiating expectations of others and what others want from you comes up. Accessing the psychic side is enormously helpful and easy during this full moon.

Sagittarius Full Moon   (May or June) The message from the full moon in Sagittarius is to reconnect with the curious side of you that used to be enthused about learning and exploring the world around you. It is about feeling confident and trusting that with faith you can accomplish anything.  wherever you have been disillusioned or discouraged when life took a turn that you didn’t expect. Trust that the twists and unforeseen forks in the road have a meaning and purpose to take you where you are meant to go even if you can’t see the whole picture now.


Capricorn Full Moon     (June or July)

When the moon is full in Capricorn it is a time to reflect on what you want to be known for, your presence on the planet and what you are giving your time to. If your work home life is out of balance this will be the time to realign to have more harmony. Your goals and security needs are best examined during this full moon. The ritual with the Capricorn full moon is good for stepping into your power in a quiet self assured way. This is a time where any obligations that you no longer want to be responsible for fall by the wayside.

Aquarius Full Moon     (July or August)

The Aquarius full moon brings out the thinker in you. It is a time to detach from beliefs that have been held sacred or not examined and rethink possibilities. This months full moon in Aquarius brings friends together. In your full moon ritual attracting the right people in your life happens. Finding where you belong, your tribe, your place on the planet is the magic that comes with this full moon.

Pisces Full Moon          (August or September)

Service to a higher cause and greater purpose and  meaning is the message from this full moon. When you feel the need for deeper purpose and meaning in your life, but at are a loss with what that might be, meditate the day of the full moon in Pisces. This is a time of releasing hurt, pain and memories of being taken advantage of. It is a time to channel your spirit guides and develop your psychic powers. Unconditional and universal love is felt with the full moon ritual. The essence of cosmic consciousness is available through deep meditation during this full moon.